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The Dementia Dictionary and Dementia Interpreter is the new benchmark service and training course for anyone that comes into direct or indirect contact with people who have dementia. The goal of these are to translate the language of dementia through the Dementia Interpreters course and network of global Dementia Interpreters. These translations are then freely given to the world via the dementia dictionary. Below is a description of why this is so important:
“A diagnosis of dementia is probably one of the most traumatic experiences that an individual or family can go through. To benefit the 54 million people around the world with a diagnosis of dementia, we are proud to bring you the global Dementia Interpreters network and Dementia Dictionary. Together we will share hands on experiences that potentially will re-connect people as their ability to speak verbally diminishes. Learning the 'Language of Dementia' may be the most important skill we can master and sharing it with the world, may just change the dementia landscape forever.”

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24.02.2021 • By Dementia Interpreter Ltd